About Us

Established 1978.

Acquascience manufactures a wide range of special stains, prefilled biopsy pots, reagents and mounting media for use in Histology, Cytology and Haematology laboratories.

In order to support our national coverage, Acquascience has now moved to multiple sites, each specialising in specific parts of the R&D, production, delivery and collection processes.

Our stains, reagents and waste collection service are used by numerous hospitals and veterinary laboratories across the UK and throughout Europe, and in 2013 Acquascience signed an exclusive agreement with Leica to supply Histology reagents and collect solvent waste in the UK.

Acquascience is also the only UK supplier of Histology reagents and stains, where the reagents and stains can be tested in our dedicated Histology laboratory by our own Histologist with over 17 years’ experience, allowing Acquascience to ensure our products meet the highest standards.